Senin, 25 April 2011

OUT OF TOWN PART II just pass tired sunday...but it was funny and i got so much fun, i visit place named ARANIO its like a river but have amazing view
and sama beberapa orang pasukan pergi kesana agak kesiangan, maklum orang-yang berangkat itu rata-rata spesies manusia anti bangun pagi...hhahahaha.
but anyway memaksakan bangun pagi (walau agak kesiangan) g bikin rugi setelah kita nyampe di oranio, pesis jam 12 teng, ditengah panas matahari yang terik banget syuurrrr...angin dari tempat itu...bikin adeemmm ampe kehati *halah lebay..hahhaha

check our silly face

Selasa, 12 April 2011

Heal Your Broken Heart

If you are asking the question of how to heal my broken heart then you have probably just ended a relationship with someone you loved very much. Interestingly, many people feel that when someone has a broken heart that they were the person that was dumped. However, many men and women alike realize that they aren’t in a healthy relationship, even if they love a person, and realize that it is best that they end things. This doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from a broken heart, only that they realized that they need to make a change for a better future.

When you say: “heal my broken heart,” you aren’t necessarily trying to find a way to get back together with the person that you love. If that is the case, then you need to make some changes in your life to heal your own heart. You can do this without finding a new love, in fact you should move on without seeking out a new relationship because you aren’t over the old one yet.
One method of moving on and taking the heal my broken heart issue into your own hands is to start doing things that you used to do before you were in a relationship. Usually when someone starts dating someone or even gets married, they develop a couple’s pattern. They go to the same places and do the same things together. Get back into a previous routine so that you can establish your own thing that still feels familiar and comfortable for you.
Another thing that you can do is to eliminate everything that you have that used to belong to your ex. Some people recommend throwing everything away, but you should consider the stuff to a friend you trust, you never know when you will feel good enough to keep some pictures where you look fabulous or something like that. If you do give the stuff to a friend, tell them that they aren’t allowed to give it back to you or allow you to see the items until they are sure that you are no longer asking how to heal my broken heart but asking instead why it was broken in the first place.

Rabu, 06 April 2011


aku g pernah merasa sebaik ini dalam 3 bulan terakhir ini. Iya emang masalah lg liburan dikehidupan aku kayanya..hahahaha. But anyway its fine. Ga ada yang lebih baik dari cobaan yang dikasih tuhan buat ngedewasain diri kita right.
Waktu dalam masa-masa terpuruk seperti nya ga ada hal yang lebih baik dan masuk akal selain meratap, M-E-R-A-T-A-P terus-terusan diem dikamar, tanpa ngerasa lapar, tanpa mandi, and bla bla..menyedihkan tapi emang gitu yang aku hadapin hampir 1 bulan.
Tp tuhan itu baik, dia ngedenger doa ku dan menyemangati ku..terima kasih allah.
Saat masa-masa buruk itu mulai membaik rasanya seperti menjadi pribadi baru yang lebih baik, yang lebih bisa ikhlas dan tabah.
Tp aku memang ga bisa berdiri sendir tanpa bantuan tuhan sama teman-teman baik yang selalu kasih dukungan.
Walau g 'sembuh' paling engga sudah lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Aku jadi lebih banyak berfikir sekarang, berfikir secara lebih luas dan matang
Kaliah g akan pernah tau apa yang sebenarnya ada di dalam diri seseorang jadi berhati-hati lah..


dear everyone..
i just spent amazing moment, ya atleast it was amazing time for me. i was totally unhappy lately and i decide to go to another town for refresh my feelin and brain.
try to be more open minded than before. and u guys know what. i did it :)

first day i arrived at samarinda by bus, that was my looong long journey ever 14 ours by bus from banjarmasin to samarinda.

and u guys will found another pretty place around samarinda, name tenggarong, and ya i adore this town. u can find much fun here. cause yes i got it. thanks to Egy Ghien for being my tour guide at tenggarong :D

and thanks a lot to my friends who try to make me survive...i love u guys.
hahaha..and yeah after all journey, i came to balikpapan, the most blink blink town i saw ever hahahaha.
who freak me out here..haha..i love angkot and the beach its time to said good bye but i will come as soon as possible
much love :*