Rabu, 06 April 2011


dear everyone..
i just spent amazing moment, ya atleast it was amazing time for me. i was totally unhappy lately and i decide to go to another town for refresh my feelin and brain.
try to be more open minded than before. and u guys know what. i did it :)

first day i arrived at samarinda by bus, that was my looong long journey ever 14 ours by bus from banjarmasin to samarinda.

and u guys will found another pretty place around samarinda, name tenggarong, and ya i adore this town. u can find much fun here. cause yes i got it. thanks to Egy Ghien for being my tour guide at tenggarong :D

and thanks a lot to my friends who try to make me survive...i love u guys.
hahaha..and yeah after all journey, i came to balikpapan, the most blink blink town i saw ever hahahaha.
who freak me out here..haha..i love angkot and the beach its time to said good bye but i will come as soon as possible
much love :*

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